Smash Mouth At Last Enters The Meek Mill Vs Drake And 50 Cent Feud

You know that cartoon cliche where two people are having a fight and a third party who is completely lame steps in and tries to defuse the situation but then winds up getting beaten up in a twist of surprising teamwork by the original two combatants? Well, we may very well see a real life version of that about to go down in the savage jungle of the 21st century music industry.

In the wake of releasing a just EPIC four-song EP firing shots at them and others, Meek Mill simultaneously taking on Drake again (even though it’s now 2016 and nobody gives a shit) and now 50 Cent (because he didn’t learn from Floyd Mayweather’s terrible mistakes) is currently popping off with all the hype and anticipation of a fart and has naturally drawn the keen interest of the Internet community, who poked their heads in to drop a few well-timed and biting Tweets on the feuds. I personally love these three the most:

And while Drizzy hasn’t hit back just yet (and probably won’t because, you know, why?), 50 is the absolute last person to shy away from an exchanging of social media unpleasantries with anyone who steps to him, tearing Meek Mill down in the space of about a few hours on Instagram with pearlers like:

LMAO, you made a big mistake Shit Head💩 #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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Then, evidently not wanting anyone to forget for a goddamn second that there used to be a band that other human beings actually paid money to record music named Smash Mouth, whoever is in charge of Smash Mouth’s social media presence leapt gallantly into the fray with the hottest of takes:

Easy there Smash Mouth, this situation is as combustible enough as it is!

After understandably being bombarded by all the important questions from the rest of the Internet, such as ‘who are you?’ and ‘what are you doing here?’, Smash Mouth, possibly fearing the terrible and unforgiving wrath of a Meek Mill scorned, decided they’d do a little backpedaling and clarified:

Then, when it was kind of justifiably pointed out that Smash Mouth are about as relevant in today’s rap game as the average grandmother, they decided you all needed to pump the brakes a little and shoved their undisputable credentials RIGHT IN YOUR STUPID FACE:

YOU SEE! THEY’RE RAPPERS TOO WITH A SOUNDCLOUD AND EVERYTHING! Not to mention a real LABEL DEAL™ from an actual Rap Label (PTY LTD). I’d still recommend avoiding listening to that demo entirely unless you want a middle ear infection though.

And just in case you were wondering what else Smash Mouth have been doing in a world where All-Star isn’t even acceptable to play ironically anymore, they’re here to let you know you can catch a monolithic double header shared between them and an apparently-still-has-a-career Uncle Kracker live in concert for the completely reasonable price of your dignity, all of it:

At the end of the day, both of these feuds were on the verge of getting just OUT OF HAND, so it was really quite sobering and an overall classy move for Smash Mouth to swoop in and just give us all a little veteran perspective on this whole situation. They at the very least do a much better job at being rap feud mediators than they do at paying homages to recently deceased icons, that’s for sure:

May this be incinerated from existence entirely.

There’s been no official response to Smash Mouth from the Meek Mill camp just yet, but we can only assume he’s cooking up another very, very indignant 4-song EP to lob in their direction.