Listen To A Remix of Miguel’s “Waves” Ft. Travis Scott.

While Kanye West has obviously been dominating headlines with his own WAVES news, another artist has released a track of the same name. R&B crooner Miguel has dropped a gorgeous remix of his 2015 song, similarly titled Waves, featuring bars from none other than Travis Scott.

Waves was originally released on Miguel’s beautiful 2015 album Wildheart, and the Scott-featuring remix has breathed new life into the seductive bedroom track. Blending Miguel’s signature neo-soul sensuality with Scott’s upbeat hip-hop, the track has been given a massive makeover.

The original track opens softly, with that seductive, syncopated blend of neo-soul and rock elements that made Miguel’s album so unique, and so cool. It then opens into a more disco-friendly, dance-floor ready beat, with a bright chorus and suggestive lyrics about riding that wave, surfin’ that wave, and so on. The remix, on the other hand, opens with a heavier beat and an atmosphere that’s immediately bigger, headier, and very Travis Scott, complete with a verse of his own, auto-tune, and Scott-savvy synth flickers.

Miguel was supposed to visit Australia late last year to perform at Soulfest, but unfortunately the event was cancelled just days before it was supposed to kick off. His album, Wildheart, was one of our favourites of 2015, so our fingers are crossed that he’ll be touching down soon!