US Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Parodies Adele In Campaign Video

American politics continues to feel like a terrible Chuck Lorre produced sitcom. Now, Former Arkansas Governor and current Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee released a campaign video which parodies hit Adele song, Hello. 

The parody was posted on Huckabee’s YouTube channel last Wednesday. Over a karaoke version of the original song, a female vocalist sings about Iowa’s idiosyncrasies, ahead of its crucial caucus vote next week. “Hello, Sioux City,” she croons, as we see Huckabee attempting to emulate Adele’s stoic expression. “Your Woodbury County Supper Club has quite a cute baby / Try the pork chops / baked beans / Just as good as Pizza Ranch and La Mars ice cream.”

After addressing the state’s “arctic blasts and sub-zero chills,” the singer takes a shot at fellow presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, singing, “there’s just no difference between Obama and Hillary,” with a shot of Clinton dancing on The Ellen Show. It seems, however, that Clinton winning isn’t the worst of Huckabee’s fears, with the admission, “If Bernie wins, I’m gonna die.”

Over all, this video is pretty uncomfortable and I can’t help but think that it’s a really pretty desperate play at appealing to a more modern demographic. With that said, American politics never cease to amaze and entertain, perhaps Tony Abbott should have released a parody of his own.

Mike Huckabee is currently polling at an average of 2.2% in Iowa, putting him in eighth place.