The 10 Best Songs of This Week

Ahhh, Friday. You bring a lot with you; contagious good vibes, a promising feel and an excited air, but you also bring our weekly playlist of best new tracks – and that is our favourite Friday factor of all!

This week is guaranteed to get the party started. We’ve got it brimming with fantastic new electro slices, some desert blues tunes and even a remix of a track by The Kooks to give you that nostalgic feel. We’ve listened to a hell of a lot of music this week, but we reckon these 10 are the best. Enjoy!

Anatole, Colours

Anatole could quite literally be one of, if not the best producer in the country right now. We here at Howl & Echoes cannot possibly rave about him enough. Every single song is astounding,and every single song outdoes it’s predecessor. Colours is probably my favourite release of his yet, and it’s easy to see why. Recruiting a bunch of fellow Sydney Conservatorium musicians to jump on violins, violas, cellos, double bass, clarinet and flute whilst he lays down his typically meticulous and intricate production, you can hear just how much time and effort he has put into this song. It’s truly in a league of it’s own, as is it’s creator.

Left., IOU

The message along behind this track earns it a special place in our heart. One half of the Sydney duo, Sarah Corry said it’s about “standing your ground and being the sexy, strong, smart woman you are, celebrating an existence where you can live without fear of being mistreated by anyone. It’s at once sexy and powerful, which I think all women are – even though we’re not always made to feel that way.” Fuck yes, Sarah! Not to mention the slinking beat and Sarah’s impeccable vocals – this track has it going on in all the right ways. Yaaaasssss lady!

Lontalius, Kick In The Head

This song reminds me of Noah & The Whale in the way it paints a grand picture with all it’s elements and draws you in almost instantly with it’s emotive nature. Slightly melancholy and forlorn, Lontalius is detached but engaging, and sounds quite nonchalant for someone who has created such an intricate song. This is a track you can listen to again and again and still pick up new sounds, and one I don’t see myself getting sick of any time soon.

Retro Culture, Cold

As the artist name would suggest, this is full of retro goodness. Flume-esque production is laid down, and whilst the song is called Cold, the track is warm and welcoming. It washes over you and, whilst it’s a slow burner, it still leaves you feeling excited and almost exhilarated as it fades out. Retro Culture might be a relatively new name around the place, but if he keeps putting out tracks like this, that will absolutely change!

The Kooks, Sweet Emotion (Montmartre Remix)

Whilst my 15-year-old self might not have ever thought of a dance pop remix of The Kooks, my 22-year-old self is all about it and more. Montmartre’s remix is the first to come from the recently announced remix album The Kooks are planning, and the bar is well and truly set high from this one. Coming just in time for the start of summer, Montmartre have captured everything fun about The Kooks’ unique brand of indie rock and put it through a dance music kaleidoscope, and the results are just so damn good.

I’lls, Let Me Have Just One (Planète Remix)

Two of Melbourne’s best, finally on the same track. The recently announced hiatus of I’lls was one that left more than a few fans with heavy hearts, but it seems fellow Melbournian Planète is here to save the day. Taking the band’s most recent single Let Me Have Just One and turning it into something entirely his own, Planète works his intricate magic to turn the track into a nearly 9-minute epic. Being a fan of creating entire soundscapes, he starts off small and ends up with an absolute behemoth, all the while exercising a certain element of restraint to keep everything under control in the most enjoyable way possible.

Squarehead, Citamenic

Squarehead have been kicking around since 2011, but they’ve recently returned to the scene in a blaze of glory with their latest two track after a year and a half hiatus. Sprawling, dark, heavy and intricate, this is the exact way you would want to herald your return, and the guys have done it so well. Citamenic is the first song off the release, and is definitely my favourite. It’s electrifying and energetic in all the right places, and absolutely spell-binding in the way it works it’s way along. Welcome back Squarehead, please don’t leave us again!

Elizabeth Rose, Shoulda Woulda Coulda (Sinden Remix)

I love when an awesome new song comes out that you just can’t get enough of, and then a slew of remixes of said song start to pop up as well. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, and the gift is an almighty slice of dance pop thanks to Elizabeth Rose. She dropped this track a little while ago, but now it’s starting to get some fresh life breathed into it – and who better to do that than Sinden? The legendary producer has jumped on the Sydney up-and-comer, and the two are a match made in musical heaven.

Sophie Lowe, Pink Flowers (Kuren Remix)

Kuren is 17 years old, but is already sitting on hundreds of thousands of Soundcloud plays and a very steady growing fan base – and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. From just one listen to any of his emotion-drenched electronic tracks, it’s obvious he’s onto something seriously good. He just dropped his debut EP recently that has everyone talking, and now he’s showing off his remix abilities too by jumping on Sophie Lowe’s Pink Flowers. Let’s just say, this doesn’t disappoint either. Is there anything he can’t do?!

The Family Jordan, It Won’t Be Long

Brisbane mega-group The Family Jordan are local staples in their hometown, but for some reason they’ve never fully broken through. Whilst it is beyond me as to why not, something tells me that they may be about to finally hit their stride with the news of a new album on the way and a new single to boot. Sprawling, captivating and really special, The Family Jordan have always done things their own way and when they sound this good, who are we to complain?