New Order speak on legal troubles with former bassist

Iconic Manchester outfit New Order have spoken out about their turbulent feud with ex-bassist Peter Hook. The comments follow a lawsuit launched by Hook against his fellow band members last month, for 2.3 million pounds in royalties.

Hook is also seeking to prevent his former band members from performing under the New Order name. “He’s had plenty to say about me, but I’ve never actually met him” commented Hook’s replacement bassist Tom Chapman, in an interview with Loaded. “Peter phoned me a couple of years ago, because I said something in an interview that offended him” said guitarist Phil Cunningham.

“He said: ‘Look, it’s all getting a bit personal, this. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got my thing, you’ve got yours, and it’s cool. Everyone’s happy,’” the former bandmate added. “He decided to leave the house, and now he’s outside it, chucking bricks through the window.”

But it seems that the band are adamant to continue regardless, with Tom commenting “we’re having such a laugh that we just want to carry on playing shows, really. That’s what you’ve got to remember – Bernard, Gillian and Steve could retire tomorrow if they want, but New Order are going on because it’s fun.”

The co-founder of both Joy Division and New order, Hook left the group in 2007.

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