Drake: “Bryan Cranston you are my father”

Drake has referred to Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as his dad, after a video featuring the actor and other celebrities reciting lyrics from Hotline Bling went viral yesterday.

The clip contained Cranston and 12 other celebrities reciting the lyrics to Drake’s viral single. Those featured included Seth Rogen, Amy Schumer, Rooney Mara, Elizabeth Banks and more, each providing their own unique take on the single’s lyrics.

Reposting the clip on his Instagram account Drake commented “[W Magazine] giving me my greatest [Instagram] moment of 2015… Bryan Cranston you are my father.”

Each actor offered their own lyrical interpretations varying from emotive deliveries, melodic renditions and dead pan recitations. The Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle lead kicked off the video by introducing the track and also recited memorable lines “you started wearing less and goin’ out more” and closing with lyric “that can only mean one thing.”

There have been no shortage of memes, remixes, parodies and cover of the Canadian rapper’s track since it dropped earlier in October.

The track, Drake’s first top 10 single in 2 years, reached number 2 in the US and Australian charts.

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