My Favourite Tunes: Dividem

Dividem, hailing from Melbourne, have already supported the likes of Alison Wonderland, Golden Features and Peking Duk, and things are looking to be even bigger and better for the  new year ahead.

Having just signed to Onelove Records, the duo have now released their debut EP to much critical acclaim, an appearance in the iTunes top 10 Dance Chart, and a number one spot on the Beatport charts for their lead single All In My Head. Letting just these facts speak for themselves, it’s pretty clear Dividem are on the brink of something really awesome, and if there was any doubt remaining, all you would have to do is hear any of their tracks to see why.

Because the boys are quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts in the country, we thought we would nab them before they blow up and asked them all about their favourite tunes. Enjoy!

My favourite track to wake up to is…Pendulum Remix, ABC Theme
This has legitimately been used our alarms the last 5 years. The serenading trumpets alert you to a apparent news break in your bedroom… Just when your brain digests that the royal trumpets are nothing but a phone speaker – Rob swire drops a face melting ABC chorus. This is the stage you leap out of bed and start living!

The best track for cooking is…Kölsch, Goldfisch
Kölsch makes you want be a total food innovator. The salt turns into a shaker and the chilli into confetti. By the first breakdown every spice in my vicinity is in my meal.

The best track for spring cleaning is…ATB, 9.P.M (Till I Come)
TIP: When this song comes on, you have to immediately go outside and drag the recycling bin inside your living room.
As the song builds, run through each room collecting anything that can’t be resold on eBay. As the beat drops, create your own tribal ritual and circle the bin while throwing any old personal items into it.

The ultimate road trip track is…John O’Callaghan ft. Audrey Gallagher, Big Sky (Armin Van Buuren Intro Edit)
Tip: Make sure the sun is setting and wind down every window in your car.

My favourite love song is…Sublab, So In Love
This song is really slows down time and helps you reflect how lucky we are to be alive.

The best track for sweet love makin’ is…Austinstrunk, 10 Hours of Rain
Sometimes no matter how meticulous you are with your ‘after hours playlist’, a Bieber song manages to make its way and kills the mood. With 10 hours of rain and ambience you are insuring yourself, just in case you decide to be a marathon runner…

The track that always gets the party started is…Milk & Sugar, Let The Sun Shine 2012 (Tocadisco Remix)
This song has just the right amount of Summer. Even if you are a cynic its hard not to smile when this song comes on. Two millon plays… Two million people can’t be wrong.

The best track to wind down a crowd is…Jon Hopkins, Open Eye Signal
This track just rolls along. Driving yet laid back at the same time.

My favourite drunken karaoke track is…Toto, Africa
No words needed.

My favourite song to sing in the shower is…Pendulum, Propane Nightmares
This track has so much power. You always step out of the shower feeling empowered and clean.
TIP: Shorten your rendition of this 5 min song to conserve water.