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Howl & Echoes Staff Picks: Best Songs 2015

Ah, end of year lists. One of the most challenging tasks in the calendar of any music journalist, they’re a time to showcase the best of the best. This year we’ve decided to avoid going down the definitive ranking route, instead asking our contributors to simply list their personal favourite tracks. The fabulous Howl & Echoes writing and photography team have incredibly diverse (and just straight up incredible) taste, so we’re excited to share our personal picks from 2015.

Note: these lists are in alphabetical order, not ranked order.

Enjoy! And check out our favourite albums of the year here.

Lauren Ziegler

Emma Jones

James Tait

Samantha Armatys

Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh

Georgia Bell

Jessica Testa

Sam Bytheway

Alex Osborne

Mitchell Turner

Annie Cooper

Susie Garrard

Alasdair Belling

Riley Fitzgerald

Amy Heycock

Sam Weston

Andrew Adrian

Matt Hall

Kath Warren

Cameron Nicholls

Dani Hansen

Jack Colquhoun