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Ten Tracks That Made Kerser Who He Is

If there is one artist that has everybody talking no matter what he does, it’s Kerser. The hip-hop MC has constantly turned heads not only with his prolific creative output and naturally talented skill, but also with his sometimes controversial opinions that he isn’t afraid to voice. He’s just dropped his fifth studio album on the spooky date of Friday, November 13, and once again he’s not holding back.

With someone so determined, confident and ambitious, there must be an intriguing backstory to have got them to where they are today. We asked Kerser what ten hip-hop tracks made him who he is today, and unsurprisingly he did not disappoint. Next Step is out now via his own label ABK Records.

2 PAC, My Block
The raw deep lyrics and beat behind this have always captured me.

Fabolous – Gangsta
The wordplay and punchlines are crazy through out the whole song.

Eminem, The Way I Am
Em touched every subject perfect and got his message across perfect.

D12, Shit Can Happen
Crazy beat, flows and its true, shit can happen !

Dr Dre, The Watcher
Crazy beat, lyrics and concept.

50 CENT, Many Men
I feel this joint every time I play it, realest shit.

Lil Wayne, Sky Is The Limit
Classic Lil Wayne stuff that has stayed in my head since I heard it as a young kid.

The Game, Ol’ English
The honesty and beat has always hit me every listen.

Meek Mill, Ready or Not
Classic Street hip hop that puts me in the vibe to kill shit.

Nispey Hussle, Mac 11 on The Dresser
The raw stuff straight bars gettin’ his point across.