Hostages taken at Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris

A number of concert-goers have reportedly been taken hostage at an Eagles of Death Metal concert in Paris, France. The concert was being held within popular concert hall Le Bataclan, and is part of an apparent series of three or four attacks, suspected to be terrorist movements, currently taking place throughout the city.. The Telegraph is reporting that the attacks were conducted by men “with kalashnikovs and grenades”, and toll numbers are still rising throughout the city.

News outlets including The Guardian, CNN and the Associated Press and more are reporting a few different numbers as updates roll in, but it seems that approximately 11 people have allegedly been killed at a restaurant in the 10th arrondissement, around 35 people have been killed at the Bataclan, where approximately 100 hostages are being held. The AFP also reports that three people have been fatally shot near sports stadium the Stade de France, where a football game was taking place between France and Germany. A possible fourth location, Les Halles, has also been flagged as under threat.

Keep an eye on rolling coverage on The Guardian and The Telegraph for updates and accurate information.

Parisian police and authorities are encouraging everyone to remain indoors and sheltered.


Image courtesy of AP