Nicole Millar drops dreamy new music video for “Wait”

After having spent time collaborating with some of Australia’s best, Nicole Millar is now creating some pretty solid outputs herself- as seen here in the music video for single Wait. Directed by Voena (the Sydney creative team behind all those festival/gig photos you keep seeing), the video pairs some sweet hazy California daydream vibes with the emotionally rich nature of the track itself. Wait is Millar’s first official single by herself, a solid pop track that will likely widen her fan base- especially when paired with this clip.

Speaking of the creative process with Voena, Millar described how her long relationship with the collective made the choice to use them a natural one: “I’m always collecting images and coming up with visual ideas – a process which is really important to me. I created a mood board and sent it to Jack [Toohey, from Voena] with some ideas linked and he was keen to make this happen. I had a vision for a light box that I could perform on and use in the video clip as I wanted everything to be connected. The video clip was shot and organised within a week – it all happened so fast but that’s how Jack and I have always worked together. We like to do things very organically with a small crew and people that are passionate about the project. I’m so so excited to work on more videos, I hope you like this one as I’m really proud of it.”

The video serves complete justice to the track. The track itself explores a muted sensuality, and the video, through all it’s blue, pink and purple hues, emphasises the song’s sexuality even more so. It’s reminiscent of what we’ve been seeing from a few Hollywood acts in recent months (ie; Demi Lovato), but delivered in a more sincere, significantly less manufactured way. It’s a perfect match for the first single from someone whom I can only assume we will be hearing a lot more from.

Assuming this track will receive the radio play it deserves, it won’t be the first time we hear Millar on our streams. Her voice and co-writing skills were used on Peking Duk‘s festival anthem High, for which she received an ARIA award for best dance release. The award sounds even nicer considering the x3 triple platinum single she earned with Golden Features for Tell Me. It’s undeniable at this point that Millar is a force to be reckoned with.