Hip Hop Halloween: Dress As Your Favourite Rapper (Next Year)

Halloween; the one time of the year that entitles you to dress up in whatever attire you please, as long as it slightly constitutes fear or humour. However, finding a costume can also be stressful, so thankfully we always have the gift of hindsight to prepare us for next year. What better way than to examine and celebrate this holiday than examine some of our favourite hip hop Halloween costumes?

Drake‘s Nothing Was the Same release saw the Toronto native debut an iconic album cover, that would soon spawn a raft of costumes for the Halloween that followed. For those game enough to don some texta for the appropriate amount of facial hair, as well as carry around a constant background for the majority of the night, I’m sure the rewards were more than worth it:


Kanye West is always a polarising figure, so perhaps it comes as no surprise that he serves as a perfect candidate for a Halloween costume. The costume that clearly takes the cake however, is this stunning recreation of the entire Yeezy discography, spanning the complete works of Mr. West. The attention to detail is clearly second to none, and serves as not only a reminder of the changing musical style of the Chi-town rapper, but his ever evolving quest to stay at the forefront of the fashion landscape.


Perhaps the two aforementioned costumes are a little too modern for your liking? How do you pay homage to some of the greats of the industry? The iconic figures that have shaped the hip hop world as we know it deserve from Halloween love as well. Tupac and Biggie Smalls perhaps serve as the greatest reminder of the talent ripe within the 90’s, with their feud taking a special place within the hearts of hiphopheads around the world.


Although I am struggling to ascertain the age of our modern day ‘Pac and Biggie, you cannot fault the dedication to the costumes and the character. From the cigar and stellar cashmere sweater, all the way down to a perfectly tied bandanna, the costumes are a fitting tribute to two rap icons. In fact, I’m not 100 per cent certain that the figure on the right is only an impostor; the resemblance is uncanny.

Let’s say you’ve got children. You’re a rap fan, and you’re hoping to keep their costumes in keeping with your musical taste. Why not dress them up as the biggest boss of all, Rick Ross? The costume works particularly well if your child is perhaps still rocking some baby fat; some extra pudginess goes a long way. Let’s be honest, however, no Ricky Rozay costume is complete without a luscious beard, which proves to be the focal point of the costume:


So we’ve paid tribute to some of the current generation of rapper, we’ve paid homage to the rappers of yesteryear, and we’ve exploited our children for the sake of a punchline. Now comes the time where ingenuity and crossover costumes come to the forefront, and those with the wildest imagination can reap the benefits of their crazy ideas that fail to work during any other time of the year. It’s rare that a rap costume can be pulled off so effortlessly yet so brilliantly. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you, the best of both worlds (hip hop and Game of Thrones); Lil’ Jon Snow:


Congratulations, you now have an excuse to wield an almighty sort for the entirety of your party, whilst screaming OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY and encouraging the irresponsible service of alcohol through mass shot consumption.