Runnin’ Thru #2 With My Woes: Why Drake Won’t Be Billboard #1

From the outset, Drake’s Hotline Bling was a case study in how to manipulate social media and the millions of internet users into creating a bone fide global hit. No doubt the actual song was the main engine behind its success, capturing attention and praise not only from music bloggers, but of the masses with the help of a delectable hook and a brilliant vibe.

But don’t for a second think that whoever is behind that music video is shocked by the endless stream of memes, parodies and covers because no doubt they planned it all from the beginning. The hilariously odd dancing was ripe for mocking, and more importantly – memes. Drake playing Wii tennis, Mr G from Summer Heights High shimmying along to the beat are just two of the most popular ones circulating the expanses of the internet.

It seems inevitable that the hit would dominate charts around the globe, but for Drake, the Billboard 100 is the one chart that really matters.

“If I get my first Number 1 during the month of October it will be the biggest moment of my career to date (in my mind) and if you are looking for me on that particular evening I will be passed out in the water slide that connects to our pool.”

“I love you and thank you for these memories. I always love the moment right before it happens more than when it actually happens. So thank you…even if it doesn’t.”

Yet despite such a well-orchestrated marketing campaign, Drake is tragically likely to miss out on the top spot on the Billboard charts due to a cocktail of misfortunate circumstances.

Apple music is mainly to blame. Instead of releasing the hit on YouTube as is convention, Drake was bound by his deal with Apple Music to release it via the struggling streaming service. Despite the video accruing millions of views, none will help Drake’s chart success, as Apple Music streams do not count towards the charts yet – unlike YouTube.

Perhaps realising this grave mistake, the video has now been released on YouTube, but has amassed a paltry 2 million views. Instead, The Hills by The Weeknd remains lodged in the top spot with Hotline Bling looking up dismally from all the way down at number two.

Runnin’ Thru #2 With My Woes: Why Drake Won’t Be Billboard #1

To add salt to the wound, this is the week that the flip-top phone wielding Adele has decided to re-emerge from a four-year hiatus after one of the most successful albums of all time. Her single Hello has already smashed the record for the most views in 24 hours on Vevo, and is likely to jump straight into the top spot next week, once again ahead of Drake.

Drake has appeared at the number one spot alongside Rihanna with What’s My Name, but the closest he’s got with his own hit is Best I Ever Had which also nabbed second place.

Keep on dancing Drake, we’ll get you to number one some day.