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Weekly Video Roundup: HOMEGROWN EDITION

Is it Friday already? Who knew that seven days was enough time to release so many goddamn good videos. This week we present our homegrown edition, with a killer line up from a whole lot of stellar Aussie acts. We didn’t need to look any further than our own back yard to get your afternoon started off right. Happy weekend!

Holy HolyA Heroine

It’s no secret we are big fans of Holy Holy. We have eagerly followed the release of their debut album When the Storms Would Come, and have caught them live at every opportunity. The latest clip to track A Heroine is a stripped back, highly polished recording of the song being performed at Howler in Melbourne and gives a taste of just what these guys sound like in the flesh. When we caught up with vocalist Tim Carroll, he told us how the song was inspired by Melvin Bragg’s In Our Time podcast. “I was just riding my bike around once and he was doing one on ancient China and I was really struck by these repeated tragedies and the rise of emperors, and the collapse of empires, and love and loss and all these different things that repeat themselves again and again up until now.” To watch Carroll belt out those notes with all the pain of all of history inside of him is transcendent. You just gotta do it.


New kids on the Aussie hip hop block, Feels, are landing with a bang with their debut single Jungle – out this week. It’s a downbeat number featuring minimalist electronics and flowing lyrics that evoke all the, well, feels. Vocalist Dane Kennedy unleashes softly sung verses, complimented by Ryan Jordan raps lamenting the loss of someone close. The moody clip splices together black and white imagery tracing the journey through an emergency room as the pair plead for “one more day.” It’s pretty heavy, but it’s touching and a strong taste of what is to come on debut EP due out in 2016.

Matt CorbyMonday

Just wow. Who knew that sweet sweet voice of Matt Corby could get any better. Put him in a cabin in the woods, set him up with a microphone, and record in one take and the results are a little mesmerising. The clip for track Monday was shot in the same cottage in Berry, NSW where the song was recorded. With peeling paint, mismatched furniture, and just the right amount of light, it looks like the perfect setting for contemplative moments and creative grandeur. The track is taken from his forthcoming debut album due out early next year, and we are now more than a little excited to see what it holds.

Crayon FieldsLove Won’t Save You

The latest clip from Melbourne four-piece Crayon Fields for track Love Won’t Save You might make you feel like busting out those disposable 3D glasses that you “accidentally” stole from the cinema. Set against a white backdrop, lead singer Geoffrey O’Connor is silhouetted in neon auras that warp and fade with the lilting pop melody. The clip centres on inanimate objects like a vase and a bunch of bananas in a celebration of still life that bears tribute to the ordinary and the constant, as the title line is repeated over and over and we are reminded of the chaos of love. These guys are about to embark on a couple of shows in Sydney and Melbourne, so be sure to check out the details here.

GLNumber One

Sultry synth-poppers GL translate their bright and romantic sound perfectly with their latest clip. Symmetry ties together scenes of non-sequiturs that thread together to create a surreal story that turns making pancakes and eating a peach into a visceral experience. The duo really summed it up best themselves in a recent interview:

“We wanted to make something that had a slightly surreal narrative. Colour and movement are very much a part of the story. Many great moments were captured by chance, like when brothers Rhys and Louis were chasing the family chicken on the tennis court and Annelise decided to film it because the chicken matched their hair colour. I felt like we were in some sort of Edward Scissorhands suburbia. The song is kind of about idolising perfection, the video is like a visual dream sequence interpretation of that.”

 Take a walk to that strange world below.

Ali the GreatTrophy

If you are familiar with Brisbane hip hop legends The Astro Travellers, then you are no stranger to the sharp rhymes of one of their lead emcees Ali the Great. This week Ali has dropped the clip for his lively track Trophy, and it plays out like a moving postcard of his hometown. Making it’s way through the streets of Brisbane there are familiar landscapes washed out in vintage hues, and we are introduced to a range of eclectic characters. Ali appears in a gangster suit rapping under the Storey Bridge, and layers verse upon verse of sharp lines. We look forward to checking him out when he supports Oddisee on the 26th of November at Brisbane’s The Wooly Mammoth.