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Grimes shares album name, artwork and more!

Canadian producer Claire Boucher, A.K.A Grimes, has released the title and artwork for her forthcoming album, and it could be here as soon as next week!

The hype has been steadily building for the new record, ever since we heard back in May. In her own words, it’s slated to be “super different.”

On Tuesday, Boucher took to Twitter to tell fans that the new album will be titled Art Angles, as well as revealing the album artwork and the information that new music and a video will appear ‘next week’.

If Grimes’ statements and press releases ring true, we could be hearing the follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed Visions in a matter of days.

The artwork, which depicts a creepy, three eyed human-elf hybrid with a trunk-like neck in comic strip formatting, was designed by Boucher herself, and encapsulates everything ‘Grimes’.

Art Angles comes after a three year wait between albums for the producer. In that time, Boucher scrapped an entire blueprint for a new album and has released only a handful of new songs – the polarising Go, which received really mixed responses, and the far more popular REALiTi.

Other endeavours for Bouchard of late have included singing to Jay Z’s management company Roc Nation, vocal features with Indie Pop band Bleachers, and speaking out against sexism in the music industry.