GL Release Video For ‘Number One’

Having just released their latest single Number One earlier this month, Plastic World signees GL are already killing it ahead of the release of their album next year. This week saw them drop the video for Number One, which is just as fun and crazy as you’d imagine from the song.

Pastels. This video is pastels, and it’s gorgeous. The track and the video have a perfect aesthetic harmony, with both going in a really clean 80s style direction. We’re introduced to a bunch of characters from the get go: a pair of red-headed twins making pancake batter, an older woman tearing clothes out of a cupboard, an absolutely stunning woman taking a bath, and of course the duo, sitting in the lounge room just singing and grooving along. It’s absolutely lovely to look at, with everything shot perfectly. Shots of the suburbs and the house itself really fit the song even though there doesn’t seem to be a story, and everything comes together really chaotically at the end, with every character going nuts in the living room.

With their album dropping next year, hopefully this is a sign of things to come for GL. They’ve got such a clear aesthetic alongside their music, so one can hope that they bring out way more videos as well. Either way, we’re super excited for what’s still to come.