Weekly Music Video Round Up!

This week our weekly video round up is all about quality over quantity. We haven’t had the flood of clips that we have seen in previous weeks, but there is some pure gold to be found below. Whether you want to party til the sun comes up or cry your eyes out, there is a clip just waiting to get you on your way.

Major LazerToo Original feat. Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell

Major Lazer bring a real barn stomper with their latest video for track Too Original. Viewers are taken deep into a Euro house party complete with gypsy horns, freely poured spirits, and for some confounding reason, a mustached child. The high intensity merriness matches the pace of the track with dance moves that evoke a little Zorba the Greek and a little Grandmaster Flash, backed by the vigorous vocals of Elliphant. It’s a hell of a good time, and if this party was going down in my neighbourhood, I’d want to be invited.

LåpsleyHurt Me

There is something about the imagery of walking through a forest that resonates so well with heartache. Those long straight lines of trees pierce like daggers against the grey backdrop of the sky, and there is a calmness laid out like a canvas. In the clip for Hurt Me, Lapsley paints the scene with sadness and fragility. It’s a simply shot scene that follows the blonde haired songstress through the woods to the coast, brought to life by the depth of emotions she conveys with her eyes and her voice. It’s a video for anyone who has ever taken one of those long contemplative walks to try and find the pieces of themselves lost along the way, and found something new instead.

Cash + DavidPains 4 U feat. Rome Fortune

Cash + David bring a kaleidoscopic approach to their music with elements of electronica, indie, R & B and hip hop encapsulated with latest single Pains 4 U. Just when you think you have a handle on the song it shifts and whole new pattern is created. The visuals that accompany are shot in an abandoned house in suburbia, transformed by flashy neon lights into a despondent disco. The pair move between the sparse rooms tracing a story ridden with nostalgia. Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune delivers a guest verse that sits in happy juxtaposition against the cool and languid vibes of the track. The vocal pairing between the duo is impressive, and with only two singles under their belt, it is exciting to ponder what else they might bring with their debut album next year.

MKO SUNBlack Seaweed

We are big fans of the insanely talented MKO SUN. She hails from Brisbane and will be appearing at the premier of Brisbabes, a newly curated event focused on raising awareness of women in the music scene. And to further cement her awesomeness she has just released a crazy video to accompany track Black Seaweed. The black and white number has the air of a vintage horror movie. Shots transition from the singer in graceful dance, to the submerged head of a woman with pointed fingernails and a mouth filled with caviar, to an otherworldly figure with UV eyelashes and mirrors for tears. Sound weird? Well it is, in the best possible way. Words can’t really sum it up. You’ll just have to see it.

LontaliusAll I Wanna Say

As someone who learned to ride a bike in my adult life, this video hits close to home. The NZ producer, also known as Eddie Johnston, traces just this experience with the clip for his new single All I Wanna Say. The clip captures a sweet display of camaraderie as Johnston takes his first foray on two wheels with the help of a friend. The visual themes echo the tracks sentiments of trust, and protection as the pair share this strangely intimate moment. The whole thing is probably summed up best by Eddie himself, who says, “I’ve never really liked music videos…. This video is nothing more than my best friend teaching me how to ride a bike. I hope that with the simplicity of the lyrics and the video, there is room for people to relate it to their own experiences with both romantic and platonic love.” It’s really quite lovely.

World’s End PressTall Stories

The title track from EP Tall Stories released today might just be my favourite clip of the week. Shot in the Melbourne outfit’s hometown, it takes a banger of a track and couples it with a dazzling display of dance moves across an urban landscape. Whether it be a jazzed up version of the robot on a basketball court or some hip hop on a roof top, there is plenty of body contortion that will leave your jaw hanging. It’s like watching So You Think You Can Dance? but without all the terrible judges and endless crying. Check it out, but don’t try this at home.