Weekly Music Video Roundup

New Order: Restless

New Order has released a fucking awesome music video for their track Restless, the first single to be taken from their latest album Music Complete. Directed by Spanish filmmakers NYSU, the film is a kind of fusion between a rendition of the medieval tale of Arthur’s sword and a modern day rave. I personally found the modern day party scene a little bit unnecessary, and distracting from the much stronger storyline of Arthur. Particularly well shot is the part where Arthur and his lover are being rolled in black crates filled with what appears to be milk (god knows why). It’s a little random but visually incredible.

Steven A. Clark: Can’t Have

Steven A. Clark dropped his insane single Can’t Have two weeks ago, and now he’s offering the visuals to go with it on vevo. The music video is sleek and stylish, featuring two very beautiful people going through relationship struggles. While the plot isn’t exactly groundbreaking the film is cool, smooth and effortlessly sexy, just like it’s creator.

Fascinator: Dead of the Night

Set to join forces with Kirin J Callinan and open Tame Impala’s two sold-out shows at Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles this week, Australian artist Johnny Mackay has a lot on his plate. That hasn’t prevented him from continuing his epic battle against the mundane, as he’s released a ridiculously trippy music video this week for his latest track Dead of the Night. The film features multiples of Fascinator in various different colours and sporting some fantastic robes. You know what? It’s the kind of video you just need to watch. Nothing I say will adequately describe how truly random it is.

Ali Barter: Hypercolour

Ali Barter has just released her latest video clip for her hit single Hypercolour, from her forthcoming EP AB-EP, which will be released on September 4. The film is elegant and simple; Barter simply plays her music at a shitty little Chinese restaurant, while the few men in suits who happen to be there don’t give her a second chance. This doesn’t stop her from having an epic time and really enjoying herself. The concept makes a powerful comment and what it is like to work in the music industry and have your efforts often go unrecognised.

Art of Sleeping: Bleeding Out

Fresh off the back of their amazing Splendour in the Grass set, Art of Sleeping are about to head off on a nationwide tour supporting the Jungle Giants. In the meantime however they’ve left us with this parting gift, an incredible black and white music video for their latest track Bleeding Out. The film depicts the artist’s face broken up into different parts, like shards of glass. The graphics are absolutely awesome, using colour and negative space in a way that is really sophisticated, kind of similar to Hopium’s incredible music video for Cut.