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The Meeting Tree Show Off What “Real DJing” Is

With the rise of EDM and all kinds of dance music, the issue of what “real DJing” is has been getting brought up more and more. Whether it’s using CDJs or exclusively using Vinyl or with headphones or without, or maybe it’s just y’know, playing music?

Sydney duo The Meeting Tree, made up of Joyride and Raph Lauren, have released a video where they go through what “real DJing” really is. Finding the perfect sample in a bubbler in the park, showing up lit as fuck and still getting paid, having the booth full of hangers on, and having a tight profile pic – the boys take the piss out of the DJ debate, and it’s great. In reality it’s a video to advertise Chinese Laundry’s September lineup (which is looking real nice), but the video itself shits on a debate that shouldn’t exist – it’s all just about seeing who you want to see and not shitting on what other people do or what people like.

So get over it and just see what you want and listen to what you want, it’s as easy as that. Big ups to The Meeting Tree for putting it so concisely in a two minute video.