Ten Songs You Need To Hear From Last Week

So many tracks, so little time! Last week was off the hook when it came to new music, so if you’re a little overwhelmed on where to start, why don’t you try on these for size?

Roseau – See You Soon

UK singer/producer Kerry Leatham, aka Roseau, is relatively a newcomer but something tells us she’ll be around for a while. Her voice alone stops you in your tracks, not to mention her sublime production. See You Soon is a dream you can’t help but get lost in, and it’s mellow vibes and sophisticated feel make for an extremely enjoyable listen every single time.

Homeshake – Faded

Homeshake is Peter Sagar, Mac DeMarco‘s former guitarist and chilled electronic music master. He’s prepping for the release of his sophomore album Midnight Snack which is out later this year, and this is the second single from that release. Faded is a slow, tinkering, dreamy track with a woozy but emotional side to it. It’s subtle but captivating, and is making us very excited for Midnight Snack!

Chance The Rapper & Noname Gypsy – Israel (Sparring)

Chance The Rapper is hardly one to sit still for very long and he’s not one to shy away from collaborations. Having just released a collab record, Free, with Lil B and Surf with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, he’s now teamed up with Noname Gypsy for Israel (Sparring). The Cam O’bi produced track is chilled and natural, and effortlessly shows off just how talented both artists are.

RaRa – Faries

Melbourne collective RaRa have only recently come onto my radar, but holy shit am I glad they have! The intergalactic jam that is their latest track Faries is a perfect introduction to their unique and fresh sounds, combining the best parts of hip hop, electronic, RnB and more. It’s incredibly promising and catchy as hell. Body rolling and grinding guaranteed!

Tirzah – Make It Up

Previously premiered about a month ago thanks to Four Tet dropping it in on his BBC Radio 1 show, Make It Up is one of those songs that has a groove you can get addicted to. It’s woozy, bouncy, a little dirty and the lyrics are tough and uncompromising. The house stylings of producer Micachu make it fun and upbeat, despite the slight air of desperation surrounding the track. I’ve got both eyes on Tirzah!

Deer – Cry For Help

Melbourne producer Deer is definitely worth a lot of your time, and you only need to hear just a few seconds of Cry For Help to know why. Unpredictable, huge and refined, Cry For Help is a huge step forward for Deer and marks his return to the scene in a big way. In a time where just about everyone is a producer, it takes something special to separate yourself. Whatever that is, Deer has got it.

Angel Haze – Babe Ruthless

Angel Haze is one of my favourite rappers at the moment, so any new music coming from her is a very good thing indeed. She reiterated that she was a force to be reckoned with last month with the release of her track Impossible, and now Babe Ruthless only further cements this. Not giving one fucking, Angel Haze goes to town in this track, and the results are astounding in a way that kind of gives you a feeling of whiplash. Hard hitting and fierce, Angel Haze is more than just another up and comer, she is THE one to watch.

Jamie xx ft Oliver Sim – Stranger In A Room (Pional’s Room Version)

Madrid producer Pional is the latest in a slew of producers to take on reworking a track from Jamie xx’s incredible album In Colour, but he is definitely one of the best too. This remix is subtle and refined, controlled and meticulous. Oliver Sim’s voice floats above a bed of groovy basslines and an impressive array of percussion. Sometimes less is more, and that rings true tenfold with this track!

Dornik – Stand In Your Line (Jungle Edit)

Dornik has quickly become one of my favourite artists lately; his effortless Michael Jackson-esque vocals and sublime knack for complimenting his vocals with some outstanding arrangements is not something I can pass up easily. Add a bit of Jungle on remix duties to this love, and it’s almost too much. That’s what we’re presented with in this edit by Jungle of Dornik’s Stand In Your Line. It’s a chaotic take but this spliced up version has more than enough groove to keep you going.

Neon Indian – Slumlord

Along with the announcement that a new album was on the way titled VEGA INTL, Neon Indian overjoyed fans this week with the accompanying release of new single Slumlord. It’s Neon Indian at his funky best; upbeat and exciting. Frontman Alan Palomo said in a statement about the track, “Most of what I’ve learned about human nature in my twenties has happened after dark. People are just kind of more honest then. More deliberate. I like to call the places I go to Night Schools.”