Vic Mensa Drops Fourth Track This Month

Vic Mensa is wasting absolutely no time in making sure just about everyone on the planet knows his name, and has just released his fourth track of this month. Each consistently outdoing it’s predecessors, the latest, I Been, is just as fiery and just as badass.

Releasing each track under the hashtag #DistruptingTrafficFriday (he is currently on his “Traffic” US tour), the Chicago rapper continually ups his game with each release. Calling out fakes and phonies, Mensa means serious business with I Been. It’s no bullshit, brash and aggressive, and a huge step away from his breakout single in Down On My Luck. It’s obvious he has a few tickets on himself, but rightly so – Vic Mensa is one incredibly driven, confident and obviously talented artist.

2015 has been a huge year for Vic, who is currently touring the US and has performed at Coachella and our own Laneway this year. From dropping the Kanye West-featuring U Mad, to his Skrillex collaboration No Chill, he has also been using his newfound fame for a greater purpose. In a few of his recent performances, Mensa has been using his fashion and style to create discussion about issues that desperately need attention in the US. First it was a shirt saying “KILL THE POOR” at Pitchfork Festival, and now he is at it again. Wearing pants that had five names on them of women who have died in prisons during a performance over the weekend, then posting about it on Twitter and Instagram, it seems Vic Mensa is in the game for more than just for fun. Check the tweet below, and keep an eye out for his next outfit.