lenny-kravitz 3

Lenny Kravitz suffers a pretty hilarious wardrobe malfunction…

Most of us have heard about #freethenip by now, the movement intended to allow nipple-based equality for women. However, with our focus on our nipples, have we been fighting for the wrong cause? Is it really time to #freethepeen?

Probably not, however if that movement ever ensues, Lenny Kravitz has already made their first statement.
Performing in Stockholm on Monday night, the musician/actor rocked so hard his dick (quite literally) fell out of his signature leather pants.

Die hard fans of the singer will be excited to learn that not only does Kravitz not wear underwear, he also has his nether regions pierced, facts that were previously not known by the public.

According to local reports, Kravitz promptly retreated backstage to change into another pair of leather pants, however the hilarious moment was recorded for us to enjoy in GIF form again, and again, and again. It’s really quite cathartic if you stare at it for long enough.

The singer has commented on the incident by tweeting a text sent by Aerosmith‘s Steven Tyler, casually reminding us that despite #penisgate he is still in better company than the rest of us. For him to be shocked is surely a pretty big feat.


And here it is in all its glory: