Ben Khan has a new single. And it’s good. Really good.

Only three months since the release of his EP 1000, Ben Khan returns with Blade (Tidal Wave of Love) – and it’s good. Really good.

In my review of 1000 I commented that each of the four tracks showcase a sound that is partially rooted in the style he’d already shown us on previous EP 1992. That said, he’s clearly started dipping his toes into a deeper, murkier musical lagoon.

From toying with messier rhythms that don’t strive for clarity on singles like Zenith, and the experimental components of (my personal favourite track) 2022, you can really map out this progression to the dark side.

Blade takes it further, to a whole new level – way down to the basement. You’re enveloped in this glitchy, wompy, misted-over atmosphere, with dirty lyrics and seductively multi-layered vocals. Strange and brooding, but still totally catchy, I’m really excited to find out what’s next for the young UK producer.

I originally wrote this on Indie Shuffle