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Gabriella Cohen Shows What She’s Made of With ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive’

You may recognise Gabriella Cohen from Brisbane band The Furrs, but I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t heard her quite like this. If she’s still unfamiliar to you, let me change that with her latest track, I Don’t Feel So Alive.

In the same way The Velvet Underground‘s Heroin creeps up on you to a racing roar of noise, I Don’t Feel So Alive is a slow burner with a trickle of instrumentation and harmonies slowly added to the mix. Cohen lets us in with her intimate lyrics and carries the track with her stuttered riff, but remains in control as the precise addition of crisp drum beats, tambourines, and backing vocals courtesy of Kate Dillon quickly picks up speed as she eventually pleads “Why don’t we get together?” over the cacophony.

It’s a liberating track as it breaks free, but before you know it (or want it to be), it’s over. Demonstrating she’s got more than what it takes to go it alone as a solo performer, I Don’t Feel So Alive is a track that not only shows off her extensive songwriting abilities, but stands as a testimony of what she can achieve on her lonesome! And if this isn’t enough, do yourself a favour and check the accompanying visuals for the track below. Clocking in at just under 4 and a half minutes, Cohen and Dillon mess about together in the DIY clip, which documents some solid friendship times between the two ladies. It’s a whole heap of fun and shows a softer side of Gabriella that may not have been seen before.

Gabriella Cohen has just been added to the BIGSOUND lineup, so we more than recommended those attending clear their schedules to catch her in action! More details on that HERE.