kid cudi

Kid Cudi’s Upcoming Album is 98% Complete

If you happen to follow Kid Cudi across any of his social media platforms, you would have been greeted to some extremely interesting posts over the weekend, as the Ohio native let loose a stream of details regarding his upcoming album, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven.  A slew of tweets gave us an insight into the direction that Cudi will be taking, stating that “There are no synths or electronic sounds on the album. It consists of all guitar and bass played entirely by myself”. We have seen what happens when rappers decide to dabble with guitar (I am looking solely at you Lil’ Wayne, don’t you dare make another Rebirth again) so we can only hope that Cudi possesses some more musical talent than Weezy.

The album itself is apparently featureless, with Cudi himself producing on each track, with the only assistance in terms of creative production coming from Plain Pat. It is generally unheard of for artists to go it alone on their projects these days, although J Cole recently took a featureless route for his 2014 Forest Hills Drive release (read our review here).

“I’ve ripped my heart out and carved it into tiny pieces of musical madness”. Cudi is certainly not afraid to get all philosophical with us, and as someone who has followed him since his mixtape days, one can only hope that the upcoming album is a return to the Cudi of old. Cudi is at his best tackling the big issues of the world, and has spoken openly regarding depression and mental illness. We can look forward to a single off the album by the end of the month according to Cudi, and my anticipation could not be higher.