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Green Buzzard go Hollywood

Fresh off signing their John Hancock on a deal with I Oh You, the label responsible for DMA’s, DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho, Sydneysiders Green Buzzard are making waves already, first with the fantastically scuzzy Britpop throwback of Zoo Fly.

And now with a nifty little cover of Canadian indie crooner Tobias Jesso Jr.‘s jaded debut single, Hollywood.

I Oh You have had nothing but the Midas touch in the past, and that looks set to continue with Green Buzzard. Despite having never played a show together or released anything but the aforementioned two tracks, the band sound like absolute pros, confident and comfortable as fuck. They’ve got a 7″ set to drop in August I’m eagerly awaiting.

If you want to tell everyone jumping on the bandwagon in a few months that you caught them live for the very first time, you can do so this Friday at the Civic Hotel in Sydney.

Green Buzzard’s debut 7″ is out August 21 via I Oh You.