Rolling Stones share new ‘Brown Sugar’

Last week we shared The Rolling Stones‘ plan to reissue their 1971 classic EP, Sticky Fingers. Now they have given us an absolutely delectable treat in sharing a rollicking version of their hit Brown Sugar. And playing that gorgeous sliding blues guitar is none other than that rock god, Eric ‘Slowhand’ Clapton. You actually have to listen to it over-n-over again to take it in. From the delicious blues licks to the seamlessly added, cheeky little solo, it’s a great take from some of the heavyweights of rock. Don’t just listen once:

The newly released tracks will sold within a series of deluxe reissues of Sticky Fingers, their 1971 triple platinum EP that also featured tracks such as Brown Sugar, Bitch and Wild Horses. A while ago we posted about the never-before-heard version of Wild Horses to be featured on the reissue, but now we’ve got the full details. From a regular CD reissue to the more hedonistic box set variety, there’s sure to be something of interest to anyone who has ever idly pondered Mick Jagger’s impressive set of lips.

Set for inclusion are alternate versions of Bitch, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking and also a version of Brown Sugar featuring none other than Eric Clapton. There will also be previously unreleased material and a live album, Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out, recorded at Leeds University in 1971. For those set to part with the bigger bucks, one of the releases will include a 120 page book with unpublished photos, new liner notes and a cover with an actual zipper (like the LP’s famous cover, which was conceptualised by Andy Warhol).