Listen to an acoustic version of “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones

The legendary Rolling Stones need no introduction. One of the hardest working bands in rock ‘n roll history, their legacy is almost completely unmatched.

One of their biggest, greatest albums (and arguably one of the best of all time) is of course 1971’s Sticky Fingers, which is being re-released as a reissued, remastered version on May 25.

Along with remastered versions of the original tunes, a few unreleased tracks and other bits and pieces will be in tow. You can pre-order it here. There’s a few different packages available, including CDs, vinyls, live performances and loads more.



Anywho, a super beautiful, stunning, perfect acoustic version of their classic ballad Wild Horses has just been revealed. Listen to it here.

So, if you’re anything like me and listening to that song put you in the mood to do absolutely nothing for the rest of your day except for listening to more Stones, here’s some more gems for you. Starting off, we’ve got a 25 minute official documentary, “The Making of Modern Music”:

I had no idea this existed, by Fatboy Slim has actually done a fucking amazing remix of Sympathy for the Devil (The Neptunes, aka Pharrell Williams, also did one):

And finally, some personal favourites:

Sympathy for the Devil live, ft. Santana on guitar (and here’s one featuring Eric Clapton for good measure)

Paint it Black, live

I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)

Gimme Shelter