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Killer Mike on “Real Time With Bill Maher”: Racism, Baltimore and Jesus being the original rapper

Killer Mike has been doing an outstanding job for using his platform to work on social injustices, particularly the rampant racism still seen in America in light of the recent police murders, and consequent riots across the country. He even cried on stage about how terrified he was for his kids, that they weren’t safe with the current way the US police force were working. Instead of disregarding the issue, he has used his power and influence to speak openly and powerfully about the problems, providing well-thought out solutions and encouraging discussions wherever he can.

He recently gave a lecture at MIT, which gave us a little more insight in just how well he has it all figured out. Add to that Run The Jewels‘ recent film clips for Early and Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) and you can see for yourself just how little Mike is playing around with this issue (he was also invited to The White House, just casually). Now, once again, Mike has proved to the world that he is one hell of an important figurehead in improving race relations in America, appearing on Bill Maher‘s talkshow Real Time With Bill Maher. There he openly discussed racism, what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson, as well as comparing Jesus to the original rapper, saying, “He was arguably a black guy or at least dark; hung with a posse of homies, one of which was strapped with a knife; went to war with the government; lost, like a lot of black guys do; and everybody loved him more after he died, like Tupac!”

That wasn’t all though. Mike also touched on world’s worst person on television, Bill O’Reillywho regularly incites racism and prejudice from his pedestal at Fox News. O’Reilly also recently blamed rap music for the demise of Christianity in America, and pronounces Muslim the wrong way, intentionally. Mike summed it up the best way anyone could, saying, “He’s more full of shit than an outhouse.”

He went onto discuss the notion that hip hop is violence, pretty much saying it was bullshit and breaking it down for others to understand. Citing Jay-Z and OutKast making jobs and changing economies for poor, Black Americans, he once more demonstrated not only how important hip hop is, and what it’s done for so many people, but his excellent communication skills and his uncanny way to get the message across. Check the clips below for more Mike goodness.