Wilco cancels show in objection to Indiana’s new religious laws

Wilco have become the latest in a steadily growing list of people protesting and boycotting the state of Indiana after the passing of the new Religious Freedom Restoration Act – a law essentially allowing anyone to discriminate against anyone else based on “religious freedom”.

The band responded to the Act saying it felt like “a thinly disguised legal discrimination”, and canceled their Indianapolis show. Considering the intolerance (especially towards LGBTQ people) already shown by the state, and taking into account this could allow businesses to discriminate against those already not tolerated, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate observation there, Wilco.

The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, has continued to defend the law, and canceled public appearances after the announcement from the band. Republican legislative leaders have said they would work towards amending the language in the act to clarify that it does not condone discrimination against gays and lesbians, specifically parts like where the Act puts it onto the institutions, businesses and associations to determine if something is a “substantial burden”, within their own definitions of a “person”.

Whilst democrats are calling for a repeal, the band has shown intent to return to the state once more, “once this odious measure is repealed”. Full refunds are available for tickets purchased to the show.