Nick Cave and Warren Ellis collaborate to score French film’s soundtrack

In his long career, Nick Cave has written many incredible film scores.

Now he is proud to present his latest project. He and Warren Ellis scored the soundtrack to the upcoming film Loin Des Hommes (Far From Men) starring Viggo Mortensen and Reda Kateb.

Cave had this to say in a press release:

“Very often a tension can happen between music and picture that is about chance and a kind of unknowingness that can be really amazing. Just by putting together two things that were created in isolation, music and film, suddenly something quite magical can happen.”

In the trailer for the soundtrack, which you can see below, we are hear one of the tracks from the soundtrack. Cave and Ellis have composed a simple, yet beautiful piece of music. The combination of the piano, strings and electronics convey the aching sense of emotion of the film’s subject matter. The track is slow and soft in the beginning, but continues to build up before sinking back down again. It’s amazing how a two and a half minute instrumental can hold so much power.

The French film, directed by David Oelhoffen, is based on a short story by Albert Camus. It follows a school teacher who goes on a journey to escort an alleged murderer to his trial. Taking place during Algeria’s war of independence, it tackles themes such as morality, violence and friendship. Obviously, the soundtrack would need to be full of power to match that of this story. Luckily, from what we have heard, it certainly does it justice.

The soundtrack will be released on May 15th via iTunes.