The Chemical Brothers return with new album

Living legends in the electronic scene The Chemical Brothers have officially returned with news of a new album – their first since 2010’s Further. Having been booked as headliners at GlastonburySonar and Bestival, the announcement is not so much surprising, but still so. Damn. Exciting.

Their eighth studio album titled Born In The Echoes will feature eleven tracks, and some very notable collaborations. Previous collaborators Q-Tip and Ali Love join St VincentCate Le Bon and Beck on the star studded track listing of the album described in a press release as “the sound of a reinvigorated Chemical Brothers creating some of the most mind-expanding music of their career to date.” That description alone is enough to send any Chemical Brothers fan into a tizz of extreme exciting anticipation and impatience, one that was both softened and exaggerated with the release of their first single.

Completely transcedent and mind bending – as is to be expected from the influential duo – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted has already been played over 400,000 times on the official YouTube clip, with that number undoubtedly set to soar as it embeds itself into more people’s minds with it’s repetitive, hallucinogenic electronics and catchy as hell vocals. You can check the incredible accompanying visuals below:

Born In The Echoes is out 17th July, with Sometimes I Feel So Deserted coming free with every pre-prder. Check the track listing here:

  1. Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
  2. Go (featuring Q-Tip)
  3. Under Neon Lights (featuring St. Vincent)
  4. EML Ritual (featuring Ali Love)
  5. I’ll See You There
  6. Just Bang
  7. Reflexion
  8. Taste of Honey
  9. Born In The Echoes (featuring Cate Le Bon)
  10. Radiate
  11. Wide Open (featuring Beck)