The best new video clips

Tear Council, Anywhere

I recently wrote about this excellent song, a new collaboration between Matt Van Schie and Michael Di Francesco (aka Touch Sensitive). The video clip has just come out, and it’s really entertaining. It’s very retro, kinda film noir, and really hilariously creepy. Highly recommend watching the whole thing. Really looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

Donny Benet & Kirin J Callinan, The Edge

You can’t go wrong when something involves these two. Like Tear Council these guys have fully embraced the ’80s retro revival. This is an excellent synth-pop track with a driving beat and a video that wouldn’t have been out of place on early 1990s MTV – and that’s a good thing.

Loon Lake, Surfin’

And now for something completely different. Loon Lake’s new song is frantic and fun punk rock.The video features a series of skater clips, alongside cruisin’ in the car, sweaty live gigs and generally having A LOT of fun. Short and sharp at 2 min 35, this makes me wanna go and jump around a mosh pit.

Future, Just Like Bruddas.

Fresh off his recent Beast Mode mixtape, Future has dropped the video for this deliciously nasty-yet-soulful track. It’s pretty much your run-of-the-mill hip hop video: clubs, homies, limousines, bling. All in all a big loved-up bromance celebration. Ohh, that piano. I love this track. PS download the mixtape here.

Grimes, REALiTi

Apparently this was considered a “scrapped” track – never meant to see the light of day. But it obviously has, alongside a lovely little video clip. Self-directed and edited during a 2013 tour, the angelic electro-pop track is set to trippy visuals, gorgeous scenery and lots, and lots, and lots of bright colours. The track itself is fucking lovely. Lets hope we’ll be finally hearing more new Grimes soon!