Tei Shi just dropped a brand new song!

Howl & Echoes has fallen head over heels in love with gorgeous South American singer/songwriter Tei Shi – it’s not often that an artist can make such an impact after only release a handful of songs, but there’s something pretty unique about this one.

Her recent single Bassically  has been picked up by the blogosphere, by radio, by remixers and more – and for good reason. Quite simply, it’s fucking excellent. Today, she’s released another new track – the subdued, intimate Go Slow. 

Showing more creativity than ever before, Go Slow puts airy synths and light vocals against almost erratic beats and bouncing bass. Her harmonies are beautiful and delicate, showing a softer side of her huge vocal range. It’s a different sound to what we’ve previously heard, but it’s a welcome addition to all that is Tei Shi, proving there is still a lot we haven’t heard from her, and she’s not going anywhere just yet.

Go Slow is the third single off her forthcoming EP Verde, which is reaching critical levels in pre-release hype. From her slaying of SXSW to joining Jungle on their UK tour, as well as a string of festival dates and constantly growing tour schedule, 2015 is looking set to be the year of Tei Shi – something we are not complaining about AT ALL.