Tei Shi ‘Bassically’

Every so often a song comes around that I just can’t stop listening to. This is one of them.

Tei Shi is Valerie Teicher, and she’s just signed with Caroline Australia. Her new single Bassically came out last week and it’s hit the internet HARD. It only takes one listen to understand why, but I’m pretty sure you’ll wanna listen to it more than just once.

Opening with a subdued synth rhythm and simple beat, Teicher’s breathy tone is absolutely heavenly. The track slowly builds, with synth and rhythm layers creeping up around the melody one by one. Soft hums get louder and louder, and then, around halfway throuhg, it EXPLODES. Those vocals are seriously incredible. Mesmerising. Captivating. Every other descriptive word I can think of.

The track continues to fill out, completing the atmospheric soundscape with a satisfying industrial crunch.

This is electro pop at its absolute finest.

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