Orphans Orphans prepare for big year to come

Sometimes, no matter how great you once were, if you’re not around too much people forget. They forget what you sound like, what you look like. They forget the feeling they once had of being around you. Sometimes they might forget you entirely.

Although that last part certainly wasn’t the case last Friday night at Brisbane’s The Brightside, the rest could very well be true about local “supergroup” Orphans Orphans (read our interview with them here). They released a stellar debut single and consequent EP last year. They played at BigSound and The Blurst of Times, and it should be mentioned their first gig ever was supporting Temples at their Brisbane show last year. By all counts, they looked set to really break through, but, shit happens. The consequences of being in a “supergroup” comprised of members from other rising acts The BelligerentsThe Jungle GiantsMoses Gunn Collective, and Morning Harvey means that you probably don’t have all the time in the world to focus on just one band, so they disappeared for a little bit. Thankfully, last Friday served as a great reminder of what Orphans Orphans are, and what they still can be.

Supported by The Family Jordan; quaint country darlings that challenge my inner detest for the genre, it was a shame there wasn’t more in attendance to see the show. Although they’ve been kicking around since 2013, it is rare to see The Family in action, thus making it extra special when they do indeed perform. Making psych infused country tunes isn’t easy, but they seem to have an uncanny knack for making it look that way. They’re tipped to have an album out soon, so hopefully this will change their performance schedules from scarce to overflowing!

With a crowd that tripled in size for the main event (interestingly comprised of about 90% females, myself included), the five orphans took to the stage with a casual and confident swagger, highlighting just how natural this all is for them. Having only seen them twice, both in shortened sets, I was curious to see what their setlist would be like – and was pleasantly surprised! With a rotating lead mic, Spencer, Lewis and Aidan each stepped up to perform a few tracks, with the added help of Steve Kempnich on backing vocals and Sam Hale firmly planted at the drum kit.

Interjecting the songs heard on their debut EP What’s A Boy S’posed To Do with new and fresh material, standout tracks like Don’t Fix Your Marriage With A Gun and Alabama had the girls crowd eating out of their collective hand. It also helps that each singer is a frontman in their own, separate bands, and each embody a Jagger-esque groove and strut that you can’t help but enjoy watching.

All in all, this gig served as a reminder that although probably necessary, the break is over and they’re ready to go again. I for one, can’t wait to see what’s next!