A new album and single for Active Child!

Active Child was one of the first soul-synth-pop artists I ever got into, so he holds a really special place in my heart. His debut LP, which came out FOUR years ago – ancient in internet years – had me hypnotised. You Are All I See remains one of my favourite and most-listened-to albums. There’s nothing quite like it.

In light of that, I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed by his 2013 EP RaporIt was just missing something. But by the sound of his new single 1999his new album is going to be pretty damn incredible, so now I’m excited all over again!

1999 is sentimental and soulful, with absolutely gorgeous instrumentation, a deep, bluesy bass groove and those angelic vocals that are so unique to his sound.

The ten-track LP comes out in June via Spunk/Vagrant Records