Vic Mensa: Hip Hop’s newest hero is set to storm Laneway

There’s been a huge resurgence of impressive, non-mainstream hip hop acts in the past couple years, and Chicago’s Vic Mensa is the latest pack leader to captivate us all. Set to storm the stage at Laneway Festival, alongside a pair of highly anticipated sideshows (where our own Remi will be in support,) the 21-year-old Wimmie Nah rapper has proved, through only a pair of mixtapes and singles, that he’s a force to be reckoned with. His ‘self-aware’ lyrics and electro-influenced production caught my attention since 2013’s INNANETAPE, and I can only hope that a full album will soon be on its way.

Known for his thrilling, powerful and energy-filled live sets, Mensa will be taking to the Red Bull Music Academy x Future Classic stage. The pure variety in his vocal pitch can probably only be compared to vocal gymnast Danny Brown, while his liquid flow rivals the finest in his field.

Don’t miss Vic Mensa. Check out more details here about the RBMA x Future Classic stage, and here for your complete list of Laneway sideshows.

Remi to support at all events

Wed 4th Feb: The HiFi, Sydney
Thurs 5th Feb: Corner Hotel, Melbourne