Sleepless in Seattle: Odesza’s epic NO.SLEEP Set

Last Thursday night, Odesza not only performed another one of their sell-out shows at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, but brought their NO.SLEEP Afterparty to Goodgod Small Club. 

The Seattleites having been burning the candles at both ends here in Australia on their In Return World Tour, playing shows in every major city, as well as taking the time to speak to us here at Howl & Echoes as we’ve followed their Australian visit every step of the way. Read the interview with them here.

Supported by JÜAN DU SOL, who got the crowd warmed before Odesza’s arrival. Soon thereafter, the American duo rushed into the club  after their OAF performance and launched into an epic, power-filled DJ set that got the whole club going.

Among the attendees at the event was none other than Adam Hyde, one-half of the duo that is Peking Duk, spotted withdrawing money out of the ATM and mingling among other punters.

Odesza belted out an hour’s worth of primo remixes, including Justice’s D.A.N.C.E and tracks from Bonobo’s new EP Flashlight, mixing their new style with classic, as revellers danced the night away in the crowded subterranean confines of the Chinatown venue.

Flashing lights spun around spasmodically as the ethereal tunes and disembodied voices so characteristic of Odesza’s sound floated across the club. Intertwined hip hop with their classic hits, the two of them pumped out some seriously cool stuff, keeping the crowd going for the entire set.

When you go to an event advertised like this one, because careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it: NO.SLEEP

Have a listen to one of Odesza’s amazing NO.SLEEP mixes right here to see what kept everyone going all night:


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