Purity Ring “Begin” To Take Over “Again”

Purity Ring‘s upcoming album, Another Eternity, is quickly becoming one of the more eagerly anticipated releases of 2015. After they dropped Push Pull before the holidays, all eyes were firmly locked on what was still to come from the Canadian duo. Their 2012 album Shrines is a tough act to follow, as it saw Megan James and Corin Roddick ascend to a hugely influential platform for modern electronica. Now, they continue to raise the bar with Begin Again.

Interestingly, the track features some heavy influence from mainstream pop, yet still remaining in that dreamy realm they call home. It’s safe to say Purity Ring will again push the limits of their sound, as they not just bend but completely break through conventions and expectations – which is why we love them so!

Another Eternity is out March 3rd, and you can check the track listing below!

Another Eternity:

01 heartsigh
02 bodyache
03 push pull
04 repetition
05 stranger than earth
06 begin again
07 dust hymn
08 flood on the floor
09 sea castle
10 stillness in woe