Lil Jon Has a Few Words To Say About the Coachella Lineup

As we are all very aware of right now, the Coachella lineup dropped last week. Divisive as ever, you either love it or you hate it. If you still don’t know who’s on it, who better to read it out to you than god damn Lil Jon. Although I’m still trying to get over that whole Red Foo incident last year (NO ONE has forgotten that), I do have a soft spot for Lil Jon. His consistency with wearing grillz is something that should be admired, as should his signature yelling/shouting. Also, who could forget the golden days when he was with The Eastside Boyz

Clean version tho :'(

Lil Jon has now tried to remain relevant by drinking green tea (??), reading off a sheet of paper and proceeding to make jokes and puns at the artists on the lineup. Can’t help but notice you’re not on there Lil Jon, perhaps Literally, You Can’t.

Some of my favourite parts of this video include:

“Cloud Nothings – isn’t that where you store your contacts on your iPhone?”

As well as:

“Panda Bear! Coachella is NO place for a motherfucking panda bear!”

See the whole video below!