Watch A Paralympian Rap With Ghostface Killah On Stage at Meredith

I’m really envious of everybody who went to Meredith Music Festival over the weekend, and here’s yet another reason why it was such a wicked festival – during Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah’s set, champion Paralympic tennis player Dylan Alcott got up on stage and nailed a verse on Protect Ya Neck!

According to the Herald Sun, the gold medallist says that he listens to the classic tune before every match. So it must have been a pretty damn special moment to get the chance to rap with the man himself!

What’s more is that the man managed to crowdsurf his way to the front – in a wheelchair. Fuck yeah. The footage below shows the crowd and security helping Alcott up on stage as the track begins. At about 1:40, Ghost gives Alcott the mic and off he goes.

Watch this space for our Meredith review, coming soon…