Watch Kendrick Lamar go Full Jesus in the video for ‘i’

Having dropped i, the first single off of his forthcoming album, over a month ago; Kendrick yesterday gave us the official video:

The song itself has divided fans because of its undeniable pop orientation in stark contrast with the majority of good kid, but I personally love the shit out of it. It’s feel-good and summery as a January evening breeze while extolling the virtues of self-love and still featuring Lamar’s signature spitfire flow. It’s also infinitely less annoying than Happy, a song it has been pretty unjustifiably compared to. What more do you people want? The Isley Brothers sample is a clever one too, look out for the Ron Isley cameo in the video.

It’s kind of a hood Australia Street, with Kendrick leading a bunch of revellers through some rough LA streets like the Pied Piper of Compton, laying the smackdown on police brutality, homelessness and even a suicide along the way because Kendrick is life.

If you can’t enjoy this then there’s little hope for your poor, misguided soul.