Sex, Votes and Rock N’ Roll

Melbourne’s The Basics were recently approved for their own political party, and now, they’ve teamed up with the Australia Sex Party for what will undoubtedly be one of the more exciting groups running in the upcoming Victorian election.

The two parties will be celebrating their coming-together with a six metre flat-bed truck, which they will be driving around Melbourne while the band play live up above. It’s a sweet tribute to AC/DC’s 1975 performance of It’s A Long Way To The Top on Swanson st. Excellently named The Sex, Votes and Rock ‘n Roll truck has visited Coburg, Northcote, Dallas and other Melbourne suburbs today!

Led by bassist/vocalist Kris Schroeder, The Basics Rock ‘n Roll party candidate for Northern Metro urges voters to learn and engage through politics and music. “We’re here to cut through the merry-go-round bullshit of the two major parties and stand up for progressive policies that create a more equitable society where culture and dignity is part of everyone’s lives,” he said.

This is one of the only times in Victorian political history that two parties have come together to campaign. “Politics is a divisive and competitive sport but we’re showing the electorate that you can get more votes by being nice to your competitors than you can by slinging mud at them,” says Fiona Patten, president of the Sex Party and candidate for Northern Metro. “If the Sex Party or Rock n Roll party doesn’t win that last seat in Northern Metro, Family First will. So we’re all out to make sure the most progressive seat in the parliament stays that way”.

The Basics are also heading out on their own tour next month in celebration of their brilliant (and politically charged) new EP The Lucky Country