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Faith No More’s first new song in 17 years

Something you’ll come to learn about me as you get to know me and this website, is that I am pretty freaking obsessed with Mike Patton. FNM, Fantomas, Tomahawk, that time he and Dillinger Escape Plan covered Justin Timberlake, that time he got Norah Jones to sing as a “sexy, hot, cruel vamp” with a dirty, dirty mouth…. yep, I’m a fangirl, I admit it.

I was lucky enough to catch Faith No More a few years ago at a festival in Portugal, and can’t wait to see them again while they’re in town for Soundwave 2015.

What’s making me really happy is that Faith No More have not only started recording a new album (something nobody ever thought would EVER happen), but their brand new track Motherfucker is really, really, really fucking good. Listen below