Arca’s new video is powerful, disjointed, utterly strange

Arca’s new video Xen is a trip and a half. We’re still reeling from the release of debut album, also named Xen, a challenging and incredibly intricate album, obscure and confronting at times, mesmerising at others. I would describe the album as digital more than electronic, if that makes sense. Tracks traipse between psychotic turmoil and eerie sereneness, between glitch and ambience, between beauty and utter darkness. All in all, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not something I can ilisten to every day, but it’s absolutely worth a full run-through.

The video is a collaboration between Arca (who has worked with the likes of Bjork and Kanye West) and long time friend Kanda, who also designed the album artwork.

Watch here: