Szymon’s debut album to be released posthumously

This is a really special project and I’m so happy to share it here with you.  I’d like to introduce you to Szymon Borzetowski, an incredibly talented artist from Newcastle.

When Szymon was 19, his father sent a demo of his music to EMI, who were bowled over by what they heard. A development deal followed and most of an album was put together.

Like so many around us, Szymon suffered from severe depression for a number of years, but slowly it began to overpower him. In December 2012, when he was 23, Szymon tragically took his own life.

Szymon’s family have been working with Mark Holland, who was at EMI the time, to finish his album Tigersapp in order to release it posthumously. Holland and Craig Hawker, now at Sony ATV,  set up new label Eloper specifically to release this record. Eloper have been working intimately with Szymon’s family, who see the album as a beautiful way to honour his life and work.

The first track to be released is Katyusha, an intriguing, absolutely unique blend of electronic and instrumental elements, otherworldly effects and strong beats. It’s one of the few tracks which are predominantly instrumental.

The full album will be released in 2015. Listen to the single here: