Alright, Sydney Opera House. Settle down.

So last night The Opera House got a little bit nutty. They announced (yep, I’m calling it) the best summer program for Music At The House that could possibly be announced. International sensations are going to be caressing the ears of Sydney for months of bliss, heat, and top tier music.

Should we go through it? Alright.

For starters, they’ve got Flying Lotus and Caribou playing on the same night (Feb 3). THE SAME NIGHT. This means you can listen to ‘Ready Err Not’ and just follow it up with a bit of ‘Our Love’ without leaving the freakin’ venue. Like this, but live:

Lykkie Li (Feb 2), the Swedish songstress to beat all others will also be playing, as well as Little Dragon (Feb 5) and Mogwai (March 2).

Just to reinforce that Nothing Compares 2 This Line Up, Sinead O’Connor (March 19) is on the bill, showing off that she’s not bossy, just at the bossest venue out.

Neneh Cherrys (March 11) is going to be slathering some 90s style synth across the stage, to get us ready for the killer crooner Ben Howard (March 29). AND, for all the mum band lovers out there, Gipsy Kings (7 & 8 April) are going to be making a casual appearance as well.

There’s more if you can believe it, so go have a geez at the full Music At The House program.