Kanye West becomes the main character in children’s book ‘Bound 2gether’

Sounds like the perfect bedtime story for the newest Doctor in town, Kanye West to read to his daughter.

Inspired by Kanye‘s video clip for Bound 2, graphic designer Zak Tebbal has created a children’s book called Bound 2geter. The story features Kanye aka “the coolest kid in town” and his “favourite chick” Kim as the main characters.

“I made Bound 2Gether as part of my senior design thesis at SVA [School of Visual Arts] this year. The prompt was to take an important piece of art and translate it into another medium,” Tebbal said.

The story is quite simple. Kim ruffles her feathers when she sees Kanye playing with the other chickens. When she runs away, Kanye looks for her. When he finds her, he realises, “one good chick is worth one thousand chicks.”
Slightly more PG than the original line, “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.”

untitled-article-1431603358-body-image-1431603563Good moral for an inventive story.

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