johnny stimson press shot

Johnny Stimson drops delicate new single

There are few times people smile when cancer is involved. But Johnny Stimson must have been so elated when he was informed that he was going to be featured on a BUPA advert for cancer survivorship. There are few mediums that are more effective in getting an unknown artist out there. The tantalisingly short excerpts are designed to quickly hook us in, daring us to look up the complete version – or at least Shazam it (it took out the top spot in most Shazamed adverts in the UK for the last two weeks.) The fact that it will likely be slammed into thousands of people’s heads over the coming months must also help.

Johnny Stimson’s Holding On is undeniably perfect for the ad. His soft, husky voice is accompanied solely by subtle piano chords and light drumming – injecting intensity and emotion. He will be hoping that like so many artists before him, he will achieve fame through a TV ad (remember when Kate Miller-Heidke’s Last Day on Earth was gifted a dream run after bleeding out of the TV every time a Neighbours ad was on?)

This is the complete ad which he is featured in: